Workers Compensation

This practice area has the following sub practice areas:

  • State Workers Compensation Commissions
  • Impact of Workers Compensation

Kiernan Trebach represents employers at every stage of the workers' compensation process, including overseeing investigations, monitoring ongoing care, and returning injured workers to gainful alternate employment. Our attorneys develop employee policy guidance and training seminars and represent employers at Commission proceedings, Informal Conferences, Formal Hearings, de novo jury trials, alternative dispute resolution, and appeals.

Complex workers’ compensation matters can involve pre-existing or subsequent injuries, with multiple employers and jurisdictions. We serve as coordinating counsel for large national employers, insurance carriers, local employers, and their third-party administrators or risk managers. Our clients include many in the hospitality, medical, transportation, publishing, construction, information technology, and distribution fields, and many Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 companies.

Our attorneys are experienced in training claims personnel to effectively investigate and manage workers’ compensation claims. We have extensive experience working with claims adjusters, vocational rehabilitation counselors, treating physicians, and independent medical examiners. We are creative in focusing on the long term objective regarding any given claim, whether that be challenging a meritless claim for the principle, working to return the claimant to active employment, or placing the claim in a settlement posture. Kiernan Trebach incorporates each employer's unique risk management philosophy into the claims resolution process to manage and resolve claims in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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